Employees of Transneft-Logistics planted fir saplings in Sergievo-Posadsky District of Moscow Region

Date of publication: 05 May 2017 Print

Employees of the Central Office of Transneft-Logistics in Moscow joined the environmental campaign on forest renewal conducted on 29 April 2017 in Sergievo-Posadsky District of Moscow Region with participation of non-government organizations, the Government and the Forestry Committee of Moscow Region. The enterprise participated in the activity as part of the plan approved by Nikolay Tokarev, President of Transneft, in support of the Year of Ecology announced in the Russian Federation and in the company.

The participants of the environmental campaign in total planted 10 thousand fir saplings at the place of sanitary clearing conducted for struggle against insect pests, population explosion of which was registered in Moscow Region in 2013. The area of the trees planting was equal to about 13.4 hectares.

Regular care for the young firs will be performed by the Forestry Committee of Moscow Region, which will allow securing 90-percent establishment of the saplings and speeding up the process of forest resources recovery in the region.

Besides, as part of the Year of Ecology the teams of the central representative office of the enterprise and its regional directorates during April participated in general city voluntary Saturday cleanups conducted in Moscow, Bryansk, Samara, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk and Angarsk.

The activities of Transneft-Logistics oriented to improvement of public urban spaces were conducted with prior approval of the administrations of the districts where the company’s offices are located and were highly assessed by the city authorities, which is confirmed by certificates of merit and letters of gratitude.

the cleanup of the Central Office in Moscow

he cleanup of the CCD (Commodity and Commerce Section) in Angarsk

the cleanup of the CCD in Novosibirsk

the cleanup of the CCD in Samara

Also, as part of the Year of Ecology, collecting centres for used batteries were organized in the offices of Transneft-Logistics. The worn out power sources will be further transferred for utilization, which will allow reducing the negative impact of the people’s business activities on the environment.